About us

Our History

 Telconet was established in Santiago which is the largest and the capital city of Chile. The journey started in 2012 with a small yet very enthusiastic and professional team that worked hard to push this company to this level. In all these years, the company has played a steady role in the field of engineering and technology and has focused on maintaining a long-term relationship with its clients. As in the past, we are expecting to see a lot of new things to happen soon and we are hopeful to provide our high-quality services to many new clients in the coming years.

A Few Words About Our Company

Our teams are committed to provide high-quality engineering and technological solutions to different types of industries for their automation and industrial level software development. We are focused to achieve perfection in automation by putting all our efforts to enhance our knowledge and bring creativity and innovation to our products and services.

Our continuous efforts to provide maximum flexibility and economic efficiency to our clients for complete automation solutions have helped us in bringing excellence to this field. Our use of technologically advanced methods for development with automated test processes ensures to maintain our high-quality standards which we have been able to build over the years with the help of our experienced and professional team members.

Things We Can Do for You


Engineering Services

Our experts could help you in engineering and development of different types of projects in the field of industrial automation, electronics, software, and telecommunication. Our teams deliver the complete project considering all the phases from the conception of the idea, requirements analysis, basic engineering/detail, Development/Implementation, Migration, Assembly, or any other phase depending upon the requirements given by each client.

Automation and Control

Telconet delivers administration and maintenance services for industrial automation and control systems by providing highly professional engineers specialized in control systems as well as having long-time experience in the management of industrial operations and production issues. This also helps in the improvement of industrial processes and implementation of preventive maintenance for control systems.

Information Technology

Telconet could help you in making customized software solutions for your industry which are developed to handle high availability, complex security, and quality critical needs of an industrial level software system. Our high-quality web-based solutions help our clients to improve their processes by being able to analyze the production data in real-time. Our experts could also help you in making IT-related decisions by providing consultancy for different types of hardware and software-based solutions for your needs.


Our Telecommunication experts could help you in administration, configuration, and maintenance of your telecommunication equipment like regular cabling, fiber optics, routers/switches, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and different types wireless equipment used for industrial emergency needs.

Supply Chain

Telconet has extensive experience in importing industrial components from a lot of countries all over the world like the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Korea, and China. We have direct relationships with Manufacturers and Official Distributors of the most recognized brands in all these countries and therefore could help you in searching and purchasing customized machines, parts and specialized pieces for your needs.