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Trust in Telconet Chile the entire Control administration of your hardware and software.

  • Industrial Control Administration System

It involves the administration of control systems with Automation Control / IT Engineers  for industrial management duties.

Customer Service deployment examples:

Allows to have specialists staff in IT / Control systems with experience in production management and TroubleShooting, optimizing the availability of all systems against loss of services.

Management experience in the field of Industrial control systems related to Industrial minery along pressure control processes, motors, temperatures, pH, grinding, industrial water recovery.

Rockwell FactoryTalk control system, RSView.

Equipment PLC CompactLogix, ControlLogix, SLC 500.

IT control servers based on Windows and Linux.

Proprietary databases control systems.


  • Preventive Maintenance of Industrial Control System

Service task within the premises of the client company where engineers and technicians remains in automatic control and preventive maintenance IT control equipment at both hardware (PLC, PanelView, industrial switches, etc.) is considered and to keep the system software or standalone HMI SCADA HMI distributed control systems, performing tasks of monitoring, review and support of critical systems.


  • 24×7 Industrial Control Systems

The service considers a service available 365 days a year with specialist engineers turn on automatic / IT support via remote control or at the customer premises (ground) with 4×4 truck (with mining equipment) available 24 hours in case emergency failover to losses in production systems allowing a diagnosis and resolution remotely or on-site customer premises.


All Service importan considerations:

  • Service Level Agreement SLA
  • Contract manager or project manager with experience in Control / IT and processes industry.
  • Prevention Engineer to ensure ensuring the proper performance of our work.
  • All activities involve to meet all the requirements of safety and prevention.

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