Automation Andritz press improvement moisture drying

Automatización y control

Development using Compact Logix PLC solution - Studio 5000

Cliente: Mining

Fecha: 2014

Lugar: Chile

Improvement L32E CompactLogix PLC programming which controls operation of 1500×1500 MKFP Andritz filter press, automatic programming cycle improved in order to control OPEN/Close  of electro-pneumatic valves in three stages of drying, thereby improve drying cakes.

IMprovement changes related to subroutines of 14 electro-pneumatic on / off according to a sequential structure commanded by a general routine that allows the filling, pressurization, drying, depressurization valves , unloading and washing plate. Structure is modified so that in the drying step, dried for 3 formed by injecting air at different points, opening and closing other valves for injecting air drying under precise set points and thus decrease moisture.