Automatización y control

Programming controllers SLC 500

Cliente: Mining

Fecha: 2013

Lugar: Chile

Improving programming SLC 500 5/04 PLC which controls the dosing of reagents through a series of formulas which were developed using the programming language LAD “circuit diagram” with arithmetic instructions is performed using expressions ADD, SUB , MUL and DIV using a lot of memory and processor rungs, applying formulas are optimized instructions Compute (CPT) and with this the rungs are reduced and processor performance is improved.

Processor controller SLC 500 5/04 is connected and configured for DH +, it is through this protocol in which you work so online with RSLogix500 software via Ethernet managed by a Gateway allowing Ethernet DH + to gain remote access to the program and intervene in the way.

PLC SLC500 600X350