Automatización y control

Chile Telconet development of the entire ACB HMI project, from the extraction of tailings in Cauquenes Minera Valle Central.

Cliente: Mining

Fecha: 2015

Lugar: Chile

The development is to form all Web HMI platforms as local HMI panels (PanelView Rockwell) and the incorporation of the tag’s server responsible for recording the data.

  • Web Development HMI application

    Through the Rockwell Software FactoryTalk View SE and FactoryTalk ViewPoint are designed different HMI to allow monitor, monitor, display alarms and controlling the various equipment and control loops the process.

    All graphic elements of control and instrumentation equipment and components within the HMI as well as loop diagrams P & control, ID are illustrated by considering the ISA 5.1 standard (R2009 ) and 5.5 (R1985).

    HMI 633x333

    • Development PanelView HMI

      Application is designed by Software FactoryTalk View ME and configured with RSLinx Enterprise to communicate with any controller of Rockwell Logix-based, such a configuration is made so as to enable communication with several drivers at once and thus view and control PLC of sub-processes as other controllers connected to the internal network of the company.

      configuration, Windows CE, so graphic terminal is made that the application is displayed at any point of the plant by remote connection by FactoryTalk ViewPoint .
       PV MB 600X350

      • Integration of historical

        tags in FactoryTalk Historian server are incorporated and the necessary settings are made to optimize each tag records as data type and / or process variable, these data environment evolves graphic by FactoryTalk VantagePoint.