Automatización y control

We have the ability to implement different control logic to protect and / or control different devices with process variable is the volume flow

Cliente: Mining

Fecha: 2015

Lugar: Chile

The automatic process control is used primarily because it reduces the cost of industrial processes, more than offsetting investment in equipment control. There are also many intangible gains, such as the elimination of passive hand work, which causes a corresponding demand for skilled labor. Debugging is another positive contribution of the use of automatic control and seeking to eliminate these human operational errors, including the arrest of process equipment and spare resulting in high operating costs, develop solutions tailored to flow control.

Integration of control logic to maintain low production processes whose controlling variable is the volume cauda, ​​among which the following stand out:

  • PID control for dosing of flocculant

    The flocculant is a common organic chemical that is used to precipitate solid particles settling pool in order to separate two or more mixed substances.

    To control the dosage of flocculant recovery plant industrial water, PID control is incorporated to optimize dosing and thus control the consumption of this product. Control is to incorporate control logic block whose PID process variable is the flow rate measured by a magnetic flow meter and as a result, according to the error produced between the setpoint and the measured value, the speed of the metering pump is adjusted.