Automatización y control

Wiring, configuration and lifting SCADA system signals to magnetic flowmeters

Cliente: Mining

Fecha: 2013

Lugar: Chile

Wiring 4-20mA signals and digital signals corresponding totalizer of 6 magnetic flowmeters Endress + Hauser brand into L30ER CompactLogix PLC is performed, each flowmeter is parameterized with scaling, cubic meters “m³” pulse and pulse width, among other parameters .

The PLC program logic to count totaled “m³” and scaling the 4-20 mA “m³ / hr” FBD programming language using “Block Diagram Functions Add-On Instructions “and” type instructions is incorporated “.

Implementation of data for each flowmeter to HMI with FactoryTalk View SE Studio Manager software design and FactoryTalk ViewPoint Web interface being designed in the View SE HMI Studio, then aggregated FactoryTalk Historian data for setting each tag so to optimize the number of records by data type and are subsequently incorporated into FactoryTalk VantagePoint.