Automatización y control

Wiring, equipment configuration and programming modules Modbus RTU MVI69-MCM and 1769-SM2

Cliente: Mining

Fecha: 2014

Lugar: Chile

Because of the need to acquire electrical variables Sub-stations and engines, wiring ModBus “Daisy Chain” bus it is performed by equipment such as Orion Italy Evar, SMPR, Power Meter 710, 810 and soft starters Telemecanique and Benshaw in each computer node and transmission rate, after performing all the necessary tests and checks ModBus bus is configured using the ProSoft Configuration Builder and Studio 5000 software on L30ER CompactLogix PLC for data acquisition as voltages, currents, power is set, Powers, states, etc.

CompactLogix PLC programming software RSLogix5000 is performed in which the tag structure is modified leaving each tag hierarchically developed Controller Tags or Program Tags each of their respective MainProgram , thus improving the appearance and functional identification of each tag to use in each program routine, work methodologies set with LAD “circuit diagram” programming and the programming language FBD “diagram is implemented function blocks “.

PLC CompactLogix Modbus