Automatización y control

Wiring, programming CompactLogix PLC and SCADA uprising remote control system monitors hydraulic

Cliente: Mining

Fecha: 2014

Lugar: Chile

L30ER CompactLogix PLC programming is done in wireless communication with remote inputs and outputs type Point I / O with the aim of tele-command remotely movements 5 pins, responsible for removing tailings, thus avoiding the presence of staff field operations and thus avoid the risk of accidents.

For the operation of this system of tele-command considered three stations, each has a 5-way selector (choice of pythons), a button to start / stop engine hydraulic, one button for automatic mode, a button for washing camera and joystick to control movement up, down, left and right, these signals are wired and connected to digital inputs of PLC.

lifting of all CompactLogix PLC signals is made to primary and secondary HMI server, configuring OPC servers SE FactoryTalkView RSLinx Enterprise and developing all HMI.

PLC CompactLogix