Automatización y control

Maintenance of industrial control equipment

Cliente: Mining

Fecha: 2013

Lugar: Chile

The maintenances are those activities aimed at preserving and necessary equipment so to fulfill their service in accordance with a defined normal operating state parameter, thereby helping to conserve derived from these productive activities, improving the process production of the company.

The main advantage of the maintenance, resides in achieving that production systems continue to perform the desired functions and thus help preserve productive activities, of which the company earns economic profit. Therefore, it is necessary to properly manage the needs and / or priorities for the maintenance function, to achieve the proper effect, through the improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of processes in order to achieve operational excellence.

Therefore, predictive maintenance system for programmable logic controllers “PLC”, the main component for the SCADA system is integrated. On the other hand, is incorporated into this predictive maintenance different HMI servers and servers responsible for data acquisition, developing between maintenance, scheduling and review status PLC SLC500, MicroLogix, CompactLogix and ControlLogix of Rockwell Automation also handling cross by each programming and monitoring software for both PLC and software for different Rockwell responsible for the supervision and management of data in real time as FactoryTalk View SE, FactoryTalk View ME, Clasic RSLinx, RSLinx Enterprise and FactoryTalk ViewPoint so as to provide accurate and complete picture operations.

The maintenances to the different systems can be grouped into two items:

  • Maintenance controllers
  • Maintenance HMI servers and data acquisition
    1. Maintenance controllers

      Among the tasks carried out to maintain the PLC and operating in the presence of a corrective maintenance can include:

      • Visual inspection hardware

        In predictive maintenance visually check the status of input / output and processor, as well as board connections in each module and power supplies. Visual review aims to identify future anomalies can produce negative effects on the controller and production process.

        • Review fault codes

          In both predictive and corrective maintenance and through different software programming, RSLogix500, RSLogix5000 or Studio5000, all modules are checked and PLC backplane seeking minor faults and higher in battery power PLC programming errors, communication ports and memory PLC. Fault code review aims to identify problems produced programming as well as failures of any kind and thus be able to identify and solve these failures.

          • Stop PLC for maintenance

            Purely for planned predictive maintenance, complete maintenance of equipment which is logical and remove unused tags for Download to PLC, removal of all input modules develops / outputs as processor module, power supply and the various devices connected to the backplane to review this state, cleaning, if necessary reapreté, among others. During this more invasive maintenance all modules and wiring in-depth review and measurements of voltage, current and other variables are performed to ensure that equipment is operating within acceptable margins of the manufacturer.

            • Performance testing logic

              According to the requirements and to support the vas maintenance departments, functional tests were performed at different control logics with various field devices that interact with the PLC and thus ensuring the proper functioning of both the logic PLC and different teams on the ground, thus checking the functionality of various systems and automatic protection.

              ControlLogix PLC

              1. Maintenance HMI servers

                Among the tasks carried out to maintain operating the computers that host the various software that allow interaction between operator and process / machine with the function of transmitting orders, displayed graphically results and obtain a position on the process / machine in real time can be highlighted the following:

                • Maintenance Hardware

                  In order to always keep these operating software, constantly make revisions to hardware, enabling continued and uninterrupted operation of all functions of the equipment and / or identify the existence of any anomaly.

                  • Software Maintenance and revisions

                    The event logs on servers and software FactoryTalk View SE, FactoryTalk ViewPoint FactoryTalk Historian, OPC servers and FactoryTalk VantagePoint as RSLinx Enterprise Clasic and periodically reviewed. Moreover, the states of communication with each controller are reviewed using tools such as FactoryTalk DataClient, DataMonitor RSLinx Clasic and PI System Management tools (PI SMT).

                    From time to time a backup of the entire platform and historical HMI is done, the goal is to ensure the existence of programs and historical records in case of an unexpected event on the server and which causes the loss of information.