Automatización y control

HMI development with Rockwell Software for local control panels " PanelView Plus 6 "

Cliente: Mining

Fecha: 2014

Lugar: Chile

In accordance with the standards set for the HMI displayed on network FactoryTalkViewPoint, it is validated and establish special guidelines for the improvement and renewal displayed in graphic panels PanelView Plus 6 screens, covering models 1000, 1250 and 1500, programmed with the Software FactoryTalk View ME.

All graphic elements of control and instrumentation equipment and components within the HMI as well as loop diagrams P & control, ID are illustrated by considering the ISA 5.1 standard (R2009 ) and 5.5 (R1985).

. The applications are designed by the Software FactoryTalk View ME and configured with RSLinx Enterprise to communicate with any controller of Rockwell Logix-based, such a configuration is made so as to allow the communication with multiple controllers at the same time and thus monitor and control PLCs.

PanelView Plus