Automatización y control

PLC programming for spray lubrication system mills

Cliente: Mining

Fecha: 2013

Lugar: Chile

Manual control of lubrication system is modified by pulverizing mills and joins PLC signal of manual pulse, status and command electro-pneumatic and presoswitch valve for automatic control through intervals adjustable time by HMI.

PLC Programming is done in RSLogix5000 Software ControlLogix by where the time interval in which electro-pneumatic valve is activated by injecting lubricant until the presoswitch high pressure cutout is entered and thereby end the lubrication. HMI where you can view the status and enter the time interval to lubricate also develops, this is done through HMI Software FactoryTalk View SE Studio web platform (displayed through FactoryTalk ViewPoint) and each performed their respective PanelView HMI with FactoryTalk View ME software.

 Sistema Spray 600x350