Automatización y control

Comprehensive solution for flow measurement

Cliente: Mining

Fecha: 2015

Lugar: Chile

Project for the incorporation of two magnetic flowmeters in lines tailings re-drive, where studies are made in order to satisfy the needs of the client company in best possible way, to hold meetings with vendors working with companies engaged develops instrumentation equipment , managing to find the equipment that meets the requirements requested, once identified the instrument wiring planes, unilinear and P & ID are made.

Work assemblies which consist of electric conduits (using galvanized steel pipes) and electrical panel design (control) were held, with this to implement the recommendations of installation of the equipment, once mounted equipment, it proceeds to energize sensors according to plans previously designed and parameterized according to technical information from suppliers, therefore function tests are performed to observe the behavior of the instrument to the flow, then analog to PLC data is entered and then design it creates a View panel for control room seen from the flow behavior, behavior trend graphics, states pumps that control the flow lines, once the work finished up tests are performed in conjunction with operations personnel, achieving results incorporating positive flowmeters turn to operations personnel and maintenance of the client company on the operation of equipment, such as configuration parameters (pulse width, residual values, maximum and minimum values ​​are trained etc .), finally it develops technical documentation with all work done.


Mantención 600x350